The Iraqi senior officer Bakr Samaraie was beheaded by the Islamic state (also known as the Arabic acronym « daesh »). He confronted this violent death with coolness and force by proving to the whole world that Iraq and the Iraqis do not fear death and no one can stop them. Abu Bakr Al-Yasin al-Samaraie, resident of Baghdad, was a lieutenant in the Iraqi army and was captured during clashes with the terrorist organization last month. The tragic event took place in Nukhayib, a border area with Saudi Arabia.16832313_372793673103344_3126624943377090638_n

Arab sources mention that relatives of the victim said that Abu Bakr fought until his ammunition perished. As a resident of the Amiriyah area of Baghdad, he was a popular man among the locals and dear to his friends. According to the criminal habit of the terrorist organization, the horrible scene of the decapitation was filmed and distributed.349