The meeting between Syrian President Bashar al Assad and Brigadier Suhail al Hassan, nicknamed the Tiger. The Tiger was not only burning by the fire of his artillery but also by his anger! He was was locked inside his during 2 hours. It was said that he had tears because of his will to crush the takfiris in the eastern Ghouta and because he wanted to tight the Syrian army.

Until, a Syrian officer from the Syrian army headquarters came to his doorways and called his name . The Brigadier Suhail al Hassan opened the door and then the door was closed again and a joint conversation took place. It seems that the senior officer of the Syrian army informed President Bashar al-Assad about what was happening with the Tiger. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad summoned Brigadier to the palace and when they met, he kissed him on the shoulder by saying to him: « This is not the last task, we have many battles and missions ».The meeting gave morale to the Brigadier who after paying tribute to the Syrian President , asked him the permission to return to his position in Ghouta. Before leaving, he said that he could give his blood immediately.