Syrian Cyber ​​Units trapped on the net , a British officer providing informations to terrorists !

Cyberfighters of Syrian Arab Army specialized in electronic war, succeeded to follow and have access on the account of a British military advisor who was providing directions and advices to the terrorists about their plans and movements. The terrorists inside their room operations, were receiving very precious informations about the positions and the movements of the syrian arab army on the field.

This cyberattacked annilihate all these important imformations that the British military expert was providing to them. The Syrian hackers were following very closely the British agent and even recorded an on-line conversation between him and the mercenaries of terror.By identifying his user name and account, the hackers contacted him as terrorists . Since the exchange of the first messages of recognition, the syrian cyber fighters managed to have access on his computer. After they implemented it with a virus file of Trojan horse, which enabled the Syrian military cyber team to locate the exact positions of the terrorists. A military surgical strike at their headquarters in Idlib and Aleppo countryside, took place by the information of their exact location.