The “message” of the bottle appearing at the left of the Syrian President during his broadcasted speech


Photo by the Syrian Presidency

The international media were occupied by analyzing  the speech of President Bashar al-Assad, which was broadcast on the occasion of the victory of Aleppo the 17th of February , and didn’t paid attention to the serious messages that Assad sent  through the symbolic decoration of the hall of his televised speech.

The Syrian President was sitting on a table with  two objects, one by each side, in first view, both seemed to be  there for the simple reason of decoration.

Photo by the Syrian Presidency


A statue of an impressive and imposing falcon at his right side (“falcons” are called the syrian pilots) was set there as a reference to the syrian pilots called “falcons”, who become the masters of the land as they protect by the air , the syrian soil of any wild invasion …. Also the falcon is in general used as a symbol for the chief of the Army.


At his left side, in the back of the Syrian President, there was another object, a small decorative crystal bottle.


Many people were wondering for the symbolic meaning of this bottle and for the reason  of this special decoration during his speech on the syrian channels.

Even if,  Syrian people didn’t understand the special meaning of this bottle, the American and Israeli administration understood it very well; and they received  the message that the Syrian President was sending to them . ..

But what is the message of the bottle?

The story goes back to the end of the October liberation war, when two heroes of the syrian armed forces succeeded in penetrating the ranks of the Israeli army and reached the Sea of ​​Galilee; there, one of the two heroes, filled his military bottle with water from the lake, while the other filled his bag with sand from the lake shore.

On their return, the two syrian soldiers,  asked to their commander to meet the commander-in-chief of the army , the late President, Havez al Assad. They said to their  commander:
“We have a gift  and we would like to present it to the Commander in Chief in person.”

After many attempts and efforts, they finally succeeded to stand in front of the President Havez and to present him the gift, sand and water from the Lake of Tiberias.
The President told them:

“This is an oath that I take in front of you and in front of God; I will not taste the  joy  of life and my spirit will not rest in peace, until  the beloved Golan is restored and until this water and sand will be rerurnee to their natural place.”

The President ordered his personal companion to search for the most skilled handmade glass maker in Damascus, and indeed the man was found. He was asked to create a glass bottle by using in the materials  the sand of the lake.
After several days, the Damascene creator returned with the bottle , and the late leader poured it with water of the lake and asked him to close it in such way, that it could not be opened and lose any water by evaporation.

This bottle was kept in preservation nobody knew its story until the 27th of October 1994  , when the late President received  the American President Clinton at the People’s Palace.


Clinton amazed by the cultural heritage of the decoration of the Palace,  began to examine everything, then  said :
“How did you gathered all these things?

And the Syrian President said:

“This is easy for the son of a 10000-year-old civilization, and difficult for the son of a civilization of a few hundred years old”.

Clinton understood what was meant and kept silent , but later he could not  resist to his curiosity and made a new question about  the glass bottle that was  in a special place.

The late leader replied:

“This bottle is made from the sand of the Lake of Tiberias, and the water in it is the water of the lake, and I or one of my children,  will empty it in the lake after the liberation of the Golan”.

This answer was a great shock for Clinton, who came to present a “peace plan with Israel” that included giving up the lake in exchange of large sums of money, and from that moment on, he knew the answer to his initiative .

When the time came, Havez al Assad put  the bottle in the hands of the young Bashar and after telling  him its  story, he asked him to fulfill the pledge he had made; to liberate the Golan and return the water to the lake.

The Americans and the Israelis maybe  had believed  that President Bashar al Assad forgot this  issue, or gave it up in the midst of the global terrorist war against Syria.

They were shocked when they saw  this bottle appearing in the scene of his speech.

They understood the “message of  the battle”.

The leader Bashar Al-Assad remains faithful to the expectation of it’s people for the return of the beloved Syrian Golan, occupied by Israel ; and that one day, the Syrian President or his successor will stand on the shore of Lake Tiberias and will return the water  and will fulfill the oath of the  founder of the Modern Era of Syrian Arab Republic.
Syrian people, in their hearts, preserve a strong belief : that one day, by the willing of God, the Syrian occupied Heights of Golan will return to their motherland…