The conversion of Hagia Sophia into a mosque is part of the “Agreement of the Century”.

The conversion of Hagia Sophia into a mosque is part of the “Agreement of the Century”. The pillar of the Agreement is: dissolution-division-control of the Orthodox Church and Relocation of the Orthodox Center in the USA. The unhistorical Doctrine: New Rome/New York …

The “Agreement of the Century” is a plan designed to drain financially Russia and crush militarily not only Russia but China also, as the western power is declining. One of the most important pillars of this plan is the disintegration and collapse of the Orthodox Church. Because this Church has always been the power of the culture and faith of the East. Turkish regime acts exactly like the Crusaders, whose most important task since the invasion of Istanbul, was the destroying of the Orthodox churches and the change of their identity. The decision of the bloodthirsty dictator Erdogan to open Hagia Sophia as a place of Muslim worship is an extension of this plan. Erdogan is the co-chair of The Great Middle East Project. The conversion of Agia Sophia into mosque is an extension of the same dirty policy that the turkish regime applies in Libya and Syria.

“The Agreement of the Century” seeks to cover and camouflage the decline of the of the imperialist economy by the generalisation of war in a global scale, by spreading enmity and hate among peoples.

The first part of “Agreement of the Century ” concerns the Middle East. Among its priorities for the region are the elimination or guidance of the Palestinian and Kurdish causes, the establishment of a NATO wing in the Middle East, the military crackdown and destruction of the forces of the Resistance Axis. The main purpose of this strategy is the control of the world trade, the energy resources, the protection and strengthening of Israel, the cut off of trade routes (as the “Silk Road”), the slowing down of the fast-growing economies such as Russia, China and India (maybe Iran also). Under this aspect, the imperial agenda creates a substitute of its war policy by cultivating the hate between peoples and aspires to contribute to the perpetuation of the oppression of humanity.

1- The Agreement of the Century, is an imperialist plan that marks the world war. The main purpose of this project is to put emerging economies in the imperialist political focus. Its goal is to stop the growing forces.

2- It is a strategy of siege emerging from the imperialist economies against the economies that want to expand their influence in the world with the developing technological progress. It aims to stop the rise of Russia, China and India, and seeks to crush neighboring countries with their policy of slaughtering of people .

3- Just like the old practice of the so called ” anti- communist expansion” , it aims to direct internal confusion, destabilization and civil wars for the implementation of the foreign intervention, the embargo, the military coups, etc.

4- One of the missions of the Agreement of the Century is the fragmentation of the Orthodox Church and subsequently the Orthodoox World. We saw its application in the division of the Ukrainian Church, in the Greek-Slavic secession, the Moscow-Instabul schism, in the Jerusalem-Antioch divide. The US efforts are concentrated to create or rather to shift the center of the Orthodoxy to New York (already the Archdiocese of America behaves like New Rome – does what the Ecumenical should do, istead of remaking mute and awkward. The Orthodox Archbishop of US, Mg Elpidoforos behaves like a shady Ecumenical Patriarch, like if he New York is the New Rome.

5- The decision to open Hagia Sophia in the islamic worship (a detailed program for the prayer of July 24 has already been issued) is the contribution of the bloody dictator Erdogan to the implementation of the Agreement of the century. This dictator, the puppet of the West, provides an immoral support to the Catholic-Protestant West for the break-up of the Orthodox Church in every region.