Top secret: the upcoming division of Turkey: 1 Kurdish state, 1 Armenian, 1 Little Turkey and likely 1 Alevit state also, plus the right of return of the Greeks.

According to a leak of Top secret and non paper, we will watch a new partition of Turkey! : 3 states, one Kurdish, one Armenian and one Turkish. Every current citizen, either persecuted or self-exiled can choose to be a citizen of the state he wants and will be provided of a right of return. This concerns all ethnic and religious minorities including Greeks who will be able to return to their ancestral lands .In reality, this will be the application of Treaty of Sevres!

The novelty will be that likely it will be founded an Alevi state which will constitute a novelty for the maps of the Treaty of Sevres and President Wilson’s decision for the trace in Armenia! Maps of this New Turkey are circulating in the Think Tanks of the Middle East. The principle that reigns in the spirit of the minds of the majority of the Think tanks concerns these new maps of the Asia Minor and the right of its historic people to their self-determination!