After so many  urgent calls made by the Director of Syrian Museums, Mamoun Abdulkarim for the preservation of the priceless archaeological heritage   of Palmyra (UNESCO ) and after several days of fierce fighting between the Syrian army and ISIS, the last one had to withdraw before the advance of thousands of armed terrorists.

The war journalist and international reputed French reporter Frédéric Helbert, from his Twitter account on 21 May had already mentionned:

“Via satellite and drone, the coalition was watching the march of Islamic state in Palmyra. The non-intervention was a conscious decision”.


A few minutes later, he added:

” The military coalition was ready to prevent the attack of Palmyra, had said a military. But politicians who saw it as a to Bashar had sain ”no””.


Perhaps many of the supporters of Syrian legitimate governement, have been hurt of what happened in Palmyra and some of them have been wondering why the Syrian Arab Army withdrew from the city, in a relatively short time .

According to syrian military sources, and to  testimonies  of  syrian soldiers who were fighting there, the Syrian army was overhelmed by the immense number of ISIS takfiris, concentrated in  Palmyra.

ISIS has attacked the area with more than 14 000 terrorists arrived in haste with powerful war machines as the american HAMER, an armoury weapon specificated for the desert areas, -carrying as well- cargo of unconventional weapons.

In fact, the takfiri islamists fired on the syrian army with rockets that resulted a very strange effect : they didn’t explode as usually, but melted the metal shelves, what leads to believe the first thought of phosphorus white rockets bombing.

In such a crirical situation, the most wise decision to be taken was the withdrawal, that would preserve the useless sacrifice of the heroic syrian soldiers whose lives are the priority, as we had recently understood by the successfull military operation of their evacuation of the hospital in Al Schougour.


As about the fate of the international depicts of Greco-Roman art ,  most of the museum’s statues and artifacts have been transferred from the city.


But there are still some large items, like the sarcophagi, whom weight of three or four tones  could not permit to remove them in a safe place.


As it concerns the massacre of the local population, it has been officially confirmed by Syrian Agency News:  at least 400 citizens  of Tadmour (modern town of Palmyra) mostly women and children have been the victims of Islamic State terrorists.

The Syrian state television  added that dozens of state officials were executed for their support to the government of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, among them the head nurse of the local hospital with all her family members.

 Syrian media also reported that the property of thousands of civilians  who left the city had been confiscated, and those who stayed were forced to obey  the obscurantist stylelife and law , otherwise they faced the massacre.

The slaughters of civils are part of the so called “rule of the sentence” of all  Tjihadists groups: Doctors, nurses, civil servants were killed , just after ISIS had occupied the town.


Immediately (May 20), Daesh (ISIS their acronyme in arabic) imposed a strict islamist law in the city, cut off  the power grid and proceeded to a ”door to door” operation , searching by swords  the  “infidels” or “traitors”. By megaphones they were speading threatening messages against the supporters of the Syrian government. It was the next day that they had released the first photos showing a dozen of dead bodies brutally mutilated, bleeding in the streets.

The President of the Council of Ministers of Syria, Wael al-Halaqi, in an official statement yesterday condemned this barbaric crime, accusing the countries that support terrorism (as Saudi Arabia, Qatar , Turkey etc) responsible of these crimes.

In reality, this massacre is not different from many already committed in Syria by Daesh, Jabhat al-Nusra or other groups considered more or less “moderate” by the Western media.

As about the fate of the site of Palmyra ,   the black flag of ISIS in the entrance of the citadel  dominates the spectacular ruins.


The destruction of  ancient monuments is a current practice of takfirist groups as they consider  as  place of paganism worship .