President Bashar al-Assad gave another interview, this time to the Spanish EFE news agency. He stressed that the Russians’ values and interests in their policy towards Syria are not in contradiction, noting that as long as the USA are not serious in fighting the terrorists, the West also won’t be serious.

In a question of the journalists about Islamic State of Irak and Syria (ISIS or Daesh) he approached the subject by his ideological point of view, revealing that the roots of the problem reside in minds of muslims around the world :

-Mr. President, in your opinion, what can be done to put an end to “Daesh?”

President Assad:

This is a very complicated issue, not because of ISIS, because ISIS is an organization. There’s something more dangerous to be dealt with…

First of all, the ideology, something that’s been instilled in the minds of the people or the society in the Muslim world for decades now, because of the Wahabi institutions, because of the Saudi money that’s been paid to support this kind of dark and resentful ideology.

Without dealing with this ideology, it’s just a waste of time to say we are going to deal with Daesh or al-Nusra or any other organization that belongs to Al Qaeda. Daesh-Al Qaeda and al-Nusra-Al Qaeda, and so many other organizations that have the same ideology. So, this is something that should be dealt with on the long term; how to prevent those Wahabi institutions and Saudi money from reaching the Muslim institutions around the world in order to have more extremism and terrorism spreading around the world. This is first.


….Of course, fighting terrorism is another self-evident answer to that question, but we are talking about an ideology and an organization that has unlimited ability to recruit terrorists from around the world. In Syria, we have more than 100 nationalities fighting with the extremists and terrorists, Al Qaeda and al-Nusra and others. The first step we should take in order to solve this problem is to stop the flood of terrorists, especially through Turkey to Syria and to Iraq, and of course we have to stop the flowing of money, Saudi money and other Wahabi money and Qatari money to those terrorists through Turkey, and the armaments, and every other logistical support. This is how we can start, then later, if you want to talk about the rest, it could be political, it could be economic, it could be cultural, it has many aspects, but for the time being, we have to start with stopping the flow, and at the same time fighting terrorists from within Syria by the Syrian Army and by whoever wants to support the Syrian Army.