Assassination attempt of Ali Kayali leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Iskenderun and Antioch / Syrian Resistance, armed movement with around 3000 fighters that give battles predominantly in the mountains of Latakia near the turkish borders but also participate in all the major frontlines of this war in the ranks of the Syrian Arab Army.
The terror attack occurred in a headquarter of the organization on 26.10.16 at 12.30 in Lattakia by the explosion of an improvised bombing mechanism which was mounted on a computer that was sent to the offices. As a result, 5 members of the organization including the leader were wounded but are in good health . The criminal explosion provoqued serious damages to the building, some offices are totally destroyed.14721593_1840700659494880_6065550108056416952_n-1
The P.F.L.A.A./ Syrian Resistance published the following statement :
A statement from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Antioch and of Alexandretta – Syrian resistance The 26/10/16 the puppet elements paid by the Turkish intelligence planten an explosive device in one of the headquarters of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Antioch and Alexandretta – Syrian resistance (the usual place that the commander receives the guests ) and they detonated it in order to assassinate the commander of the Syrian resistance the fihter Ali Kayali.14713741_1840700359494910_2724660135610885732_n
This attempt has joined other desperate and failed attempts to stop our leadership and mouvement from its historically right for the liberation of Antioch and Alexandretta through the assassination of the symbol and the heart of the Syrian Resistance Ali Kayali , in the context of the Western conspiracy against this great nation.14702391_1840700342828245_5655804796578178522_n
We are here and we direct our message to the organs and the tools of this conspiracy , those who have betrayed the cause of their homeland and their people , that Syria will never kneel and that the light will triumph over the darkness and that Antioch and Alexandretta since centuries were Syrian and will be forever Syrian and will remain Syrian and will return to Syria.14702219_1840700806161532_5437884065752389905_n
We would like to send a message to the people of the great Syrian people and also to all the supporters of the liberation of peoples that Mr. Ali Kayali and his comrades who were injured in this treacherous blast are fine and their health is under control . Their faith in the justice of their cause will help them to recover quickly from these injuries and to continue their struggled work.14729354_1840700682828211_7338981857717022693_n14731241_1840700352828244_7131369369211807297_n