The message of the Operational Commander in Ayn al Fijah: We were thirsty for the Victory because we were really very thirsty in Barada Valley.


After nearly a month of continuous fatigue in a mission which was the most difficult and one of the most difficult tasks that I’ve had in my life, even though it is not the first and will not be the last one, I say that it was tedious with all the meaning of the word And harder than that, was the fact that we said goodbye to many of our comrades who were cited as martyrs leaving their blood in the soil of the Barada Valley in addition to the wounded heroes who didn’t taste the water and their only relief was the oxygen we breathe…. We were more the most thirsty of all.the Syrian people and we were the first to suffer and wanting the access to the fountain ….16358686_1273276782720295_1507843541_n

I will not forget the blood of the martyrs and the wounded . The first martyr Lieutenant in honor,.the secomd Martyr Lieutenant and so on…Those who were the first to be exposed….to the firing.. ….I will not forget our wounded heroes who despite their infections they continued the operations untill 2.00. I will not forget the sacrifices of those young people who are the shields of our country and write epics , one by one And we also thank those who made us the supply under the voltage of the firewalls .16359318_1273275976053709_1272310029_n

Without these supplies I could not even exercise my leadership Fatigue and cold and snow but we were felt happy because the love motivated us and gave us the warmth of the fire Our Heroes and leaders have not seen their children for more than three months…. And many thanks to you for your prayers and your love and your compassion. Without your contribution we would not had reached the victory . A tribute to the men of legendary 68th Division in Wadi Barada A tribute to the men of the Syrian Arab Army A tribute to the men of God in the field.

(The message of the Operational Commander in Ayn al Fijah).16402448_1273275862720387_2061802819_n