Terrorists planned to assassinate the Syrian President by targeting his convoy on the way to the covent of Lady Saidnaya.


The takfirists of the so called “opposition” planned to assassinate Syrian President Bachar al-Assad while he was on his way to the Orthodox monastery of Lady Saidnaya on Christmas (26/12/17) and counted on to set up an ambush on the convoy that traversed the road Damascus -Saiddnaya.16558571_1280349965346310_2045998220_n

They even hit the presidential convoy with rockets. Although , the ambush failed to identify the vehicle carrying the President as the motorcade of 30 vehicles was divided three parts , all of them were of same type and black colours and windows. and they run with a speed of 4 minutes for each kilometer. These protection measures taken by tbe responsibles for his personnal security were proved effective .16522923_1280350358679604_2065637521_n

President al Assad showed for another rime that he is ready to take any risk in order to realise his visits in front lines or in other places that he consider as impkrtant ones. He arrived safely with all the members of his family to the byzantine monastery of Seidnaya where he stayed for1.5 hours and then he returned to presidential palace in Damascus.addiyar16521824_1280350598679580_267978030_n