I was encircled inside Mhardeh in Hama.

Ι was in Muhardeh … for obvious reasons I didn’t mention the exact place I had these last days the feeling to live duing the Second World War, at least as one can imagine from films or stories. According to state television terrorists massacred civilians in the countryside of Hama, their well known inhumane tactics for terrorizing the people … unfortunately .

We lost some of our territories and posiions in Muhardeh orthodox resistant town despite the constant bombardment of the Syrian Air Force. This is a massive unprecedented attack with all jihadist groups from Idlib.
All civilias in Hama province are in a state of emergency, I saw even shepherds to have worn military.clothes Kids are out with the mothers, poor families on the farm vehicles hanging ready for an imminent departure if the danger comes closer. The sense of encirclement and of beeing trapoed in Muhardeh is horrible. The second purely Orthodox town Al Sukalabiyeh was also hit very badly. The jihadists do everything possible to break the Christian resistance in the two cities and their cooperation and loyaulty to the Syrian army and government .

Today Tiger Souhail Hassan emitted a very short audio message addressed to the people of Hama, by saying that he arrived in the province, he advised the civilians to be calm and asked their prayers for the forces of the Syrian Army that despite all the multiple open fronts, will face the challenge of Hama .

The line of electricity in Muhardeh was shut down by the missiles of hate and the massacre committed by terrorists in in Hama is confirmed: 20 Martyrs mostly women in the village of the north province, al Majdal.

I want to thank and glorify the heroic syrian airforce.Without its raids we would be all already dead.
I didn’t want to leave a rat. But a son that i have in Tiger Forces urged me so intensivly and the same from my greek family.
(Pénélope Stafyla)