Persons of the war 

The only woman qualified in Tiger’s special units is a Syrian woman of Kurdish origin, mother of 3 children. She has participated in the front line of battles against domestic and imported terrorism in Aleppo, Hama, Palmyra and elsewhere.

She had a military career before the war and during war she became a commander. She did not want to use the privilege of female militias not to be engaged in violent clashes, especially at the hot – zones. She chose to fight than serving the homeland from a sheltered position.

In the recent battles in the Syrian desert, from Raqqa coutryside on the way for the besieged city of Deir Ezzor she was injured for the third time in 2 years.
We had the honor to speak with her from the hospital bed:
 »I feel very sorry not for my wounds but for not fulfilling my duty for the liberation of Deir Ezzor.

I do not fear death.We are born from the grown and to the grown we will return.I am not afraid of God because I believe that  I do an honest work and that this is my duty to my country. I wish to recover quickly not for my own sake but for beeing close to my brothers in the Syrian Arab Army. I am a mother of three girls and as a mother I support my children and this is also the case in the Syrian Arab Army. I give strength with my presence and my action in battles, that’s why I am known as the « mother Al kurdi. » Even if my work is practical and I operate with my hands and body my heart participates, my heart is on fire for my country and syrian people.
My blood is the blood of a lion, and my homeland is the soul of my soul. I am excited to come back and be present in the liberation of Deir Ezzor. »
Comrade and mother R. is the sister of 3 Martyrs heroes, and recently she lost in battle against terror the son of her other brother.
Let’s wish to the heroine Tiger Mother a rapid recovery and the joy of Victory after the liberation of the historic city of -Deir Ezzor. »
P.S. We have met the Tiger woman in Syria and we can assure you that her personality inspires the courage and the bravery to all people around her. We are proud for this meeting and we thank her for the interview.3.8.17