Russian spokewoman Maria Zakharova wrote a song for the eternal memory of Syrian journalist Khaled al Khadeb who was killed by Islamic State. VIDEO

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova had offered an extraordinary gift to the family of the correspondent of the arabic RT Khaled Al-Khatib who was killed by Islamic State, as a small tribute to the memory of his soul. During a ceremony in which Zakharova took part in congratulating the Arabic-language channel on its tenth anniversary, the family was offered a recorded disk with a song inspired from the death of the war journalist. Maria Zakharova herself wrote the words of this song, and partly the music with the singer Nargez Zakirova. The performance touches the souls and brings tears.
This is a real poetry , these words that Zakharova wrote and gave to the spirit of Khaled:
Let us remember those who embraced the world with their bodies, our brothers those who put their success aside forever, for us…
Let us remind them with the supplication to forgive us
They left us in this world and did not take us with them Let us remember them a hundred times, with a cup… a cup of tears
We honor them for the farewell battle
They departed, as disappears the ray of light behind the darkness
And I go back to the sad anniversary and I return and return
My tears, and my prayers to you Take the earth up to the heaven forever with you How difficult and painful this is..
Let us extend our hands to those whose eyes are full of tears to the wounded…
Let us remember and build up together those who died for the sake of homeland, of honor and of parents