New video of the captivity of the two hostages , the Russian volunteers Roman Vasilievich Zabolotny and Grigory Mikhailovich Surkanov. They were detained by the Islamic State in Syria and then executed, after refusing to be converted and fight alongside with the terrorist organization.

The footage shows the first moments of their captivity. The two martyrs are in a better state, compared to that of the first one . Apparently they have not yet been subjected to the bad treatment and tortures.

In the new footage, the two Russians are in a van truck with their hands tied and « accompanied » by a Jihadist.

According to the informations provided by the Russian parliamentarians, the two Russian citizens were eventually executed by the extremists.

Two suspected Russian mercenaries named in a video as Grigory Mikhailovich Surkanov (left) and Roman Vasilievich Zabolotny (right), are feared