Abou Mohammed, one of the survivors of the ISIS wilderness, tells his personal story under the regime of the terrorist organization of Islamic State, on the Shamna channel of Deir Ezzor.

Abu Mohammed, one of Mayedeen’s evicted people, after the arrival of the Syrian army and the opening of the humanitarian corridors for a safe exit, spoke about DAESH. He described how the terrorist organisation of Islamic State punished him by amputatiοn his hand and leg because he got a quantity of wheat, more than the permissible one of 20 kg, in order to feed his hungry children.

« I am a father of two children and I lost my 7-year-old son as he was dragged by a vehicle belonging to Daesh and so I stayed with only one child. » » The living conditions under this terrorist organization were too bad » he said. « They did not give us anything from the zakat (allegiance) that they gathered by obliging the people » « In addition to that, the organization picked up wheat in the warehouses and forbidden to everyone to get it except for those who gave informations and were dealing with them ». »We saw the wheat-filled trucks going outside the town of Mayedeen without knowing their destination. »

« When I could not stand anymore, I went to the warehouse at night and got some wheat, » he said. »One day, members of the organization broke in my house and arrested me. I was imprisoned during 7 months. They have tortured me and they have tied me to a pillar inside the city and injured me publicly . »I was also obliged to drink water with salt by lining nylon bags around my neck, and this was happening even in Ramadan », he added.

« After 7 months, the Judge Abu Musallam al-Jazrawi condemned me to the amputation of my right hand and left foot with the accusation of stealing  » « They badged my eyes and anesthetized me… and I remember that it was a Friday, after the prayer, » he said.Abou Mohammed tells that as soon as he was taken to the place of the execution of the sentence, he remembered only a trunk tree , a knife and a gang of members of the organization.

« They put my hand on the truncated trunk of the tree and hit it with a nipple but I did not feel anything because of the anesthesia, then they pulled my leg and hit it many times to cut it off. » « After, they conducted me to the surgery room and I stayed there from around 1pm to 7 am ». »Yes, my God killed me…. and the terrorists killed my son and now I do not know how to look at my family  » he said. But glorious the name of God! The Syrian army reached us and delivered us from the monsters that do not belong to humanity. »