30 French and US soldiers dead from the attack on the Ain Issa base. Popular Resistance took the responsibility by a statement.

1.Statement issued by the Popular Resistance in Raqqa
In the name of God the Merciful
Peace be upon you and the mercy of God and blessings for our people . Monday, the fourth of June 2018 with the help of the Almighty we were able to detonate a horse cart in front of the entrance of the 93rd Brigade appointed to Ain Issa. We targetted a joint convoy of the US occupation forces and God helped us to succeed with the death of more than 30 mercenaries, including Americans and French and elements of the devil.
Dear sons of Raqqa, we urge you to be with us and help us to move away the sites of the occupiers.
And help us to withdraw your children from their ranks wherever they are and in any faction.
As the Kurdish brothers remember, they are not our target in the present time, as American and French occupiers. But If they do not return to Syria, they will be the third target for us wherever they are.
Victory to Syrian Arab Army … and the help of God to our popular resistance
Mercy for the martyrs and the healing of the wounded
Raqqa, June 4, 2018
Popular Resistance

2.”Thanks to God and praise and a process of quality of the popular resistance in Raqqa has detonated an explosive device in the car of Abu Khalid, a senior intelligence officer in the area of ​​Ain Issa, killing him with everyone who was with him in the car that is still at the site of the blast on the road Ain Issa Tal White
Our men renew the covenant by cutting off every hand that will help the occupier on our land”
Raqqa – June 4, 2018
Media Black Popular Resistance.