Syrian army had detained a group of French soldiers and officers in Hasakah countryside as they crossed into Syrian controlled areas .There is no official statement about the detention of French militars, but there are many reports about their detention by Syrian army. In addition, many officers of foreign intelligence services fall in the grip of the Syrian army during the battle of Abu Duhur airport in Idlib. Syrian leadership seems stronger and solid, based on Syria’s detention of foreign militars and spies!

That’s why the British journalist Hala Jaber (Daily Mail) asked the Syrian President :

 »Question 3: Unconfirmed reports have circulated that the Syrian government captured Western regular forces, as well as British fighters. Can you confirm this or shed light on these reports?

President Assad: There are fighters from all over the world helping the Jihadists. I wouldn’t say we have British fighters who are alive. Most of those fighters, they are dead, they came here to die and to go to paradise, that’s their ideology.

Journalist: But you confirm that they’re dead, and they were from these countries?

President Assad: Yes. »