A German painter who supported the rights of the Syrian struggle: “Syria will win, but I lost the battle against cancer.” Photos of her paintings

”Fighting and dying of cancer at home.I never saw Syria.l am sad. Thanks to Elke Zwinge-Makamizile for her good wishes and the wonderfull flowers. The doctors cave me only a few days, this was two weeks ago, I am still alive. More painkillers, every day I am getting weeker. Syria will win, but I lost the battle against cancer. After so much pain, death will become mercy. Thanks to all my friends.Hope my Syria exhibition will reach Damaskus and will be shown by Dr.Bashar al Jafaari.The images associated now to Syria and the syrian people, I hope that the syrian embassey in Berlin will bring them to Syria.”

Ursula is a German artist who is now dying from cancer in hospital of Berlin. Now, during her last days on earth, according to the doctors, she complains for not having visited her beloved Syria. She was administrator a germanophone bolg where she was publishing all the horrible crimes of takfirists with the support of the West. As an artist, she was inspired by this war and created many paintings. Her last wish is that an exhibition with these works will be held in Damascus. Her application for visa never arrived and neither an answer for the exposition…