The situation of the security is unprecedented in Idlib . Assassinations, looting and kidnapping for ransom .. The Syrian army is ready for zero hour waiting for the tripartite summit in Tehran . The province of Idleb is witnessing an unprecedented security chaos characterized by increased assassinations, bombings and kidnappings for ransom. This has made the city unstable, while the Syrian army continues to send reinforcements, military sources said , waiting the hour zero which seems to be determined after the tripartite meeting « Turkish Iranian-Russian » early next month in Tehran.

In June, doctors and pharmacists in the city of Idlib announced a three-day strike for protesting the « chaos and insecurity ». The chaos is mainly due to the fighting and rivalry of the military factions among them, as well as the dislocation of groups of armed factions, looting and kidnapping for money. In the past few hours, two members of the Al-Sham Liberation Organization were killed and several others were wounded by unidentified gunmen at a checkpoint between the towns of Selqeen and Kufrakharim, north-west of Idlib. Also, three members of the National Liberation Front were killed and three others were wounded when unknown persons opened fire on them in the vicinity of Saraqeeb as they were passing by in a car they were driving to the outskirts of Aleppo. In addition , the Syrian Liberation Front and the HTS  arrested hundreds of suspected as reconciliation activists with the Syrian government and this has increased the discontent among the population over the situation in the province. The majority of the province of Idlib is controlled by the HTS board, while the Islamic Liberation Front, including the Ahrar al-Sham movement, is located in the rest of the region. According to the information received from Idlib, unprecedented military preparations by the military factions to counter the military campaign of the Syrian army on the province and the preparations concern also the fronts of the countryside of northern Latakia and rural Hama.

The commander of the Russian Reconciliation Center, Major General Alexei Tseganakov, said that the gunmen had announced preparations for offensive operations against government forces and rejected any dialogue or political settlement of the crisis. He reiterated that the Russian Reconciliation Center calls on the leaders of the illegal armed formations to abandon armed provocations and proceed by the path of a peaceful settlement. « The arrests of supporters of political dialogue with Damascus continue by the local residents and leaders of opposition groups in the area of ​​reducing the escalation in Idlib, and the number of citizens detained by extremist groups during the last two weeks exceeds 500, » said Tseganakov.

A military source said the Syrian army foiled an attack by armed groups on military points in the south of the town of Tal Toukan in the south-eastern Idlib countryside, adding that the violent clashes led to the killing of most members of the attacking group and the injuring of the rest. At the same time, the town of al-Sukalabiyah in Hama governorate received about 4,000 displaced people from Idlib. The orthodox christians who form the majority of the inhabitants of the town receive all the Syrian refugees from different sects. With the frequency of developments from the north, Idlib is under the spotlight and waiting for zero hour to resolve its fate either by military decision or by an imposed international agreement . In this case, military operations will be local in order to facilitate the agreement.

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  1. Vielen Dank, das Gut Siegt.
    Es waren so viele Harte Jahre, unzählige Unschuldige Menschen wurden von Terroristen – Rebellen – ISIS – Al-Quaid Al-Nursi-Fornt und andere Konzipierungen, ermordet. Das schlimme die Welt schaute zu, wir danken alle denjenigen, die Syrien immer zur Seite gestanden haben, Iran – Hisbollah – Russland – China sowie die im Hintergrund standen. Amerika ist ein Land voller Gier und der Westen hat sich der USA Angeschlossen. Die Welt wird nun wohl gelernt haben, es gibt Tabus und Präsident Bashar Al Assad war noch nie ein Diktator, sondern ein Präsident mitten unter seinen Bürgern.