One night of the last week in June 2018, the Syrian security forces imposed draconian security measures on the interior and the outskirts of Damascus International Airport. Just before midnight a private jet from United Arab Emirates landed in it’s corridors. A convoy of black cars carried the passengers of the private flight to Damascus. Precisely to the Mezzeh district of the capital, where is located the new office of the head of the Syrian National Security Office, Ali Mamlouk. A high-ranked American official headed a delegation consisting of intelligence officers of various agencies. According to obtained informations , the two parties before entering into the deal of the meeting, examined the various aspects of the Syrian crisis, the phases of its development and its impact on the region. Then, the message of American side was revealed , US were ready for complet withdrawal of its forces from Syrian territory, including Euphrates Basin and al Tanf base, if 3 conditions would be satisfied .
1. The complete withdrawal of any Iranian presence in the Syrian South.
2. Written and signed assurances that USA will take part of the Syrian oil .
3. Access to the Syrian data concerning terrorist organizations and their members, including dead foreign members. The return of the alive foreign terrorists to their Western countries.
In a spirit of calm, the Syrian side answered also by 3 points:
1. USA consists an occupying force in Syria, entering syrian territory without permission and must leave without any condition.
2. The relationship with Tehran , Hezbollah and allied forces who fought terrorists along with the Syrian army is « a strong relationship », as repeated several times by Bashar al Assad. The priority of « post-war co-operation will be given to friendly countries and allies who do not conspire against syrian people and there is no question of giving facilities to non-allied countries for the profit of the Syrian oil.
3. The Syrian intelligence data on terrorist organizations, as linked to the development of Syria’s political system and army, can’t be provided or shared before the stabilization in the political bilateral relations of the two countries. The meeting which lasted 4 hours, ended with the agreement to maintain communication through Russia or United Arab Emirates. After, the convoy of black cars left for Damascus International Airport …