Russia informed USA that will bomb the terrorist positions in Al Tanf where the American base is located.

Russia has informed the United States that will bomb sites in al-Tanf. There are reports that the Syrian army refused to deport 1000 terrorists of Daesh who remain in the rocky cliff at Talla Safa, in eastern Sweida countryside .
The Syrian commandment gives them only the choice to surrender or to die. The number of terrorists who surrender is increasing. In one hand they can’t survive without water…… in the wild conditions of the desert. But mostly they decide to surrender because of their inability to flee towards Al Tanf.

Sweida desert: The army reaches a distance of more than 5 km deep in the groves and eliminates 4 snipers and captures another. Syrian army at only 200 m from the last pond that is believed to be the only remaining water source for Daesh in Safa.