The Tiger at Qamishi for a secret meeting, after having called Assad to ask to break the “red line” of Euphrates.

According to a military source relying on reliable informations, General Brigadier Suhail al Hassan, the so-called Tiger, landed to Qamishli airport. Last Saturday, 2 the Kurdish ” ashiyas” committed a massacre against the Syrian security military forces. A meeting of generals and officials took place in the presence of operational commanders regarding positions and borders, and other hot issues raised in the region.

Yesterday there was an information that Tiger had personnally contacted Syrian President Bashar al Assad and told him that he wants to break the Euphrates’ red line in the East after being shocked by the events at Qamishli. The same source indicated that the Brigadier asked one month of delay for the battle of Idled.

The statement of Alexander Lavrintev, the Russia’s special envoy for Syria, who announced that the fight against terrorists at Idlib could be postponed maybe coincides with this changement of priority . “Of course Idlib and the terrorists can not live there”. This statement was made during the negotiations in Geneva with representatives of the guarantor powers; “peaceful coexistence with terrorists is impossible until their final extermination”.