How Turkey seeks to take Idlib without a fight through its latest proposals to Russia.

The most prominent conditions of a settlement in Idleb , proposed by Turkey are the following:

*The entry and integration of all the pro-Turkish armed groups of all the battalions of “opposition” into the so-called “Syrian National Army” . This “Army” will be competent for the security forces, the formation of local administrations and public service authorities or organisations.

*Turkey will be guarantor for the implementation and supervision of all public service administrations during five years. In other words, Turkey through the so called “Syrian National Army” which will include as well security forces and service bodies, asks to legitimise the armed terrorist groups. Through the control of services and institutions, the Syrian north will function like a self administrate region.

  • The displacement of every citizen or local population in Idleb who does not agree to the conditions of this settlement . This displacement will definitely change the demographic composition of the entire North of Syria, as already, thousands of Syrians left the area because of the control of terrorists.

With these proposolas , Turkey prepares its plan for the furur autonomy of Idlib, and it’s possible integration to Turkey, by a referendum on the independance of the province , after some years.