President Assad didn’t contact the Russian President Putin, after the crash of the Il 20 in Latakia. Vladimir Putin and Bashar al Assad did not communicate after the fall of the Il 20, according to the spokesman of the Russian President, Dmitry Peskov .
It seems that Syria was rather surprised by the Russia’s hurrying , to adopt the CNN’s version about the Syrian responsibility of the tragic event.
Sources confirm that the Syrian Air Defense had delivered to Russia , its registrated radar data of 17/10/2018 , just a few hours after the incident. These data prove that Syrian Air Defense is not responsible for the fall of the Russian airplane.
In contrary, Israel has not yet provided to Russia its radar registration data, according to the Kremlin’s spokesman. Asked if the Syrian side has shared its own data, Peskov said he knew nothing about that and the question should be addressed to the Defense Ministry.
Moreover, so far the Syrian Army General Command or the Syrian Ministry of Defense had not admitted its responsibility for the fall of the Russian plane.

This tragic night, the Syrian coast on the Mediterranean Sea, was subjected to a multilateral attack by air and sea , from British, French and American fire, assisted by the Israeli aviation.

The Israeli aircraft hiding behind the il-20M, or behind the Syro-Russian air defense system S200 hides the real guilty?

And in this case, Russia’s stance to avoid this timing for a direct conflict with its real opponent, is justified?
Asked on Wednesday whether Assad had telephoned to Putin after the crash of the airplane , Dmitry Peskov answered: « No. » « You probably refer to an official statement of Damascus. »

The lost Il20 with Russian-Syrian joint crew.

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  1. La lâcheté occidentale a encore franchi un seuil inacceptable! Tous les peuples sont maintenant au courant de leurs crimes !