A European source of secret military intelligence, reveals new evidence about the fall of the Russian aircraft in Syria. According to this source:

After analyzing all the information and satellite images related to the crash of the Russian aircraft UAV 20 / IL 20, which belongs to the group of so-called « ELECTINT electronic intelligence »
we affirm:
1) The Russian aircraft was hit by an air-to-air missile that hit its target while it was 35.6 km away from its airbase in Hameimem at Latakia.
2) The plane was hit at 22:56 Damascus time.
3) The aircraft that launched the missile is a F / 16D / F 16D class, type 16 .
4) The missile launched by this aircraft is a short-range sidewind, AIM-9.
5) It was launched against the Russian aircraft from a distance of six kilometers and two hundred meters (6200 meters).
6) The mission of the Russian aircraft was to play an effective role in the dealing of the missiles launched by Israeli aircraft, by transferring accurate information about Israeli air operations directly to the command center and units of the Syrian Air Defence Forces .
7) His role described above was the reason that it had to be destroyed.
8) It was hit by the commander of the Israeli air force squad , who participated in the latest wave of air strikes against Syria.


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  1. Ο Ισραηλινός πολτός πρέπει να τον ταυτοποίησουν και να τον εξουδετερώσουν για παράδειγμα όπως κάνουν οι Ισραηλίτες τους Πέρσες επιστήμονες.