Assad was the target of the attack on Latakia. NATO’s Israeli partnership attempted to assassinate him while he would travel to Russia by the Latakia airport.

French-Israeli involvement in the assassination of President Assad According to accurate intelligence, during the French-Israeli raid which lasted about one-and-a-half hour , the Israeli planes remained rotating and circling the Mediterranean between Lebanon and Syria. The joint raid was preceded by the flight of a British Tornado plane that was cut over Turkish airspace in the direction of Lattakia. The plane is known for its ability to scan with laser the most accurate details on the ground. After the 10 minutes of flight of the British aircraft , the French frigate began bombing specific sites in Latakia by long-range missiles, followed by a flight of Israeli aircraft in a thorough search and then bombing what was called “scientific goals.”

What was the important objective of NATO’s military and security complexes?

According the same source, NATO was aware for a visit of the President Bashar al-Assad this night to Moscow in order to meet President Putin after the signing of the Idleb agreement. He should fly to Russia through the Syrian airport of Latakia . NATO took a green light to carry out the assassination of President Assad, by bombing his convoy before reaching the airport of Latakia. However, the operation failed to achieve its goals that night ..!

This prompted a Russian general to declare under anonymity to Russian media : “In the latest operation there was a betrayal of a Russian military official in the Russian bases in Syria and a secret investigation will be opened” ..

Two days ago, Israel had published satelliye photos of the Syrian presidential palace , and interpreted as a direct threat for the life of Bashar al Assad. In addition, many articles appeared in the american media about the Trump’s willing to assassinate Assad, through a bombing. All the details of this issue of the political assassination were contained in a book recently written and published by one of his ex advisers. President as a book (details contained in the book of one of Trump’ s advisers. This is what led Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah in his recent speech to raise the ceiling of the threat to Israel and to consider Israeli arrogance “no longer tolerable” and that must be answered from the entire axis of resistance.

Following the signing of the Russian-Turkish agreement in Sochi, Erdogan insisted on Putin’s signature on the agreement and several other signed papers. President Putin promised to meet with President Assad at the earliest opportunity to explain the details of the agreement and obtain his official signature. However, Putin has doubts about the credibility of Erdogan’s request to sign Assad as the Russian side is a guarantor of the agreement and of course with the consent of Syria .. Therefore, the Russian intelligence in coordination with the Presidential Protection Unit decided that the Syrian President would go to Lattakia airport where the Russian bases and airports provide a better protection for travel, especially after the Israeli bombing of the Damascus International Airport, just two days before. It was circulated that Israel bombed the Damascus International Airport because it had information about a suspected Boeing aircraft which was transporting weapons to the resistance axis ! After the events of Lattakia, President Putin was assured that Erdogan, who signed the Idlib agreement was involved in the assassination attempt of Assad in Lattakia, especially after the arrival of the Tornado from Turkish airspace towards Syria. Russian intelligence has also confirmed the presence of a Russian officer in Russian bases to be in coordination with NATO.

The inscription of Assad in the list of Western assassinations had become a reality. President Putin must be well protected also, by both his political and military security service.