American leaks reveal the US plans for the opening of new battles in Syria

FB_IMG_1555661985150There are information about  American preparations of pushing their tools to open a double conflict in Syria, on two separated fronts  for double goals and differenciate results …
Leaks that have been appeared reveal that the United States will push their allies in the far east of Syria to open a battle against the Syrian army and its allies,   in Al buqmal and al Mayadeen. The goal will be  to definitely cut the road between Syria and Iraq and thus to complete the siege on the Syrian state which in financial and trade level has been dangerously intensified.

The second battle that the US are planning  to open will make use of the Turkish tools as the so called ” Shield of  Euphrates” in addition to the rest of the factions of the so-called  “Free Syrian Army” with the necessary cooperation of the terrorists of Jabhad al Nusra (The Victory Front).

The Turkish “Shield of Euphrates” will attack  Meng , Tel Rifaat , Nablous and Zahra, while the “Victory Front” will be active for a battle in the north and west of Aleppo.

It seems, that the goal of such operations is the expansion of  a “Sunnite” security belt in the south, by exploiting the potential of the local population of Afrin who has a rather Turkish consciousness and wants Turkey …

The  real objective of these  attacks is to undermine the Iranian role in Syria, according to the willing of Israel ; especially since the latter has prepared the soil for those steps.

Israel in the previous months has targeted several times civilian or /and military infrastructures which were believed to belong to the Revolutionary Guard and the allied forces that work with Syrian Army .

These battles planned by the US , are ambiguous and may have the negative results for the conspirators. We must not forget that the Syrian state and people await the liberation of the north east of the country. The Syrian Army  could enter strongly for signing the end of the Kurdish- American project.

We don’t know if these  leaks  revealing  the Americano- Israeli desires, will be confirmed by the upcoming events. If yes, there will be an eruption of a multi-lateral conflict which will include the guarantors of Astana as well , this is the case of Iran and Turkey.
And who will dare to declare the time zero?