For the second consecutive night, Syrian air Defense deals with hostile targets in south of Syria

Отражение сирийской ПВО воздушной атаки в районе Дамаска

Syrian anti-aircraft systems have again confronted hostile objects in the skies of Quneitra coming from the south, passing through the skies of the occupied Syrian Golan, as the official SANA news agency reported.

According to media sources in Quneitra the “hostile objects came from the skies of the occupied territories of  Golan.”

The sources added that the ground-based anti air systems confronted them as soon as they crossed the area of ​​separation between the Syrian and Israeli forces.

The sources pointed out that it is likely that the hostile targets are reconnaissance planes flying over the area of ​​separation of forces near the liberated Syrian territory .

The Syrian air defense responded yesterday to hostile bodies over the southern region, while media sources said yesterday that the Syrian air defenses shot down an Israeli drone reconnaissance aircraft.