Mossad creates its own Kurdish Force in Syria, 20 ”fighters” have already started military training in Israel.

Mossad recruited 20 men from the Kurdish forces in oorder to create a directly israeli back kurdish militia to Syria. For this purpoe, Kurdish units have already “deliberately” sent many of mercenaries from the town of Qamishli in north-eastern Hassaka to Israel. After beeing selected by various tests, they will be trained under the responsibility of the Israeli intelligence service.

The 20 Kurdish so called ”fighters” originated from Qamishli, have already been transferred to the Irakian city of Erbil , and they are transported to Israel by airplanes. Mossad wants to work with the “Kurdish units” for creating its own annexed force to the northeast of Syria, the so called “Kurdish Mossad.” The latter, will cover the procedure of recruitment of agents for Mossad who will collect informations for the countries in the region. The first batch of prospective agents have already traveled from Erbil airport to Israel, and the names of 3 agents are leaked. These include, Ali Mohammed Hassan, Riber Abdul Razzaq Ahmed, and Berkhdan Aziz Murad. Israel “strongly supports the Kurdish units and provides them military advices, logistics and appropriate equipment.