An important message with high moral values, sent by the Syrian President Bashar al Assad to a Syrian political prisoner , captive of the Israeli prisons.


The abducted prisoner issued a statement clarifying the circumstances of his conditional release offered to him by  Israel:  to be deported to Damascus and not to the Golan, for twenty years, entitled after five years to apply for return to the Golan.
President Bashar al Assad sent a message of glory and dignity to the political prisoner of Israeli jails, Syrian  hero Sedqi al Maket , a symbol of resistance for all the Syrians of the Occupied Golan:
“A Syrian Arab greeting I send to you from Damascus. Arabism in my name and in the name of our fathers… You are in the prisons , in the prisons of the Israeli occupation , and your message to all families of the heroes and to our people in the occupied Syrian Arab Golan and Palestine.
Your last position, which came after repeated attempts to release you, ended up. You have been questioned to choose between your release and staying in Damascus without returning to Golan or to continue your suffering in the occupation prisons … And your answer was to remain arrested for not exchanging your liberty with the non return to the Syrian Golan. This choice, expresses the struggle that does not fade in a soul of pride and dignity, and in a spirit of a great fighter who passes the days and does not get tired, and passes the years of life and the struggle does not relent him a vigor…
Patriotism embodied its full form when you refused to go out under condition to part from the homeland… Just as patriotism was and is still indivisible, you have the homeland in your heart and this is also indivisible. You preferred the comfort of your conscience over the comfort of your body … You preferred the punishment of imprisonment over an incomplete freedom, and thus you sent a message to all Syrians that glory is not the money or the well-being or the acceptance of half-solutions and compromises … but glory is made by self-esteem and human dignity and resilience in the face of aggression, and preserving the dignity of your country. Your dignity is glorious as the arrogance of the occupier fell under the feet for heroes like you.
Your struggle, together with the sacrifices and epics that the heroes of the Syrian Arab Army have laid down in the trenches of honor against the genuine enemy and against the proxy terrorism, has become a light shining the path for generations on their way for a free and cherished future, and to the promise and certainty of liberating every inch of our pure land. And hoping to meet nearby, God willing.
Bashar Al Assad
Presidency of the Syrian Arab Republic