Russia begun forming and training Syrian military groups of volunteers in Hasakah governorate


Russia begun forming military groups in several regions of Hasaka province, in the towns of Derbasiya, Amouda, and Tal Tamr, after the withdrawal of the Kurdish American militias from their points.


Russian forces stationed in the headquarters of the former militias on the Syrian-Turkish border, began to register the names of new volunteers overseeing their formation as an alternative to the Kurdish militias that were present on the border.
Russia has pledged to pay salaries of up to 150,000 Syrian pounds  for the volunteers between 18 and 35 years old. Russian forces have already started training elements in their base at Qamishli Airport for assigning to them the supervision and the leadership of the newly formed military groups.
A building which was the center of the Kurdish militias, in the city of Amoudah, near Hasaka, is converted in its headquarters, the first military point for Russia in the region outside the city of Qamishli.