“Candidate” for Russian presidential wife . She asked to marriage Vladimir Putin! photos and video

President Putin on working visit to Ivanovo Region, Russia

Yulia Shilova, 28 years old, actress in a theater for children, resident of the city of Ivanovo, asked the hand of Vladimir Putin! She revealed the details of a conversation she held with the Russian President , while this later was in visit   to the repaired children’s clinic in the city of Ivanovo the 7th March.

She admitted that she had whispered in President Vladimir Putin’s ear her proposal for marriage and that after saying this, the Russian President answered that he would think about it.

She also stated to russian channels that she told  him that she transmitted  photos with the indication of her phone number. The “bride” expressed the hope that the head of the Russian state “will give a damn” and  will call her.


Shilova added that she “has  been watching Putin for a long time ” . “I am impressed of him ; he is bold, decisive, purposeful, businesslike “