Russian military expert on biological weapons asks investigation in US laboratories for the production of Covid 19


A former member of the United Nations Committee on Biological Weapons, the military expert Igor Nikulin,  declared that the virus “COVID-19” in its current form cannot appear naturally, but is mostly manufactured in laboratory .

According to him, it is not possible to determine with certainty and precise the place of its production. But the fact that it was created in the laboratory is very clear. He says, that “COVID-19 virus is grouped into three parts – the corona bat virus, the corona snake virus, and an HIV component – a glycoprotein;  such a composition cannot occur in nature.”

The expert also stressed the need for the United States to allow international monitors to inspect its laboratories, otherwise it will be at the forefront of the suspects for  producting  this virus.

He referred to historical incidents of produced viruses  in  laboratory, such as the avian influenza virus and the “MERS-CoV” corona virus that causes respiratory syndrome in the Middle East, as well as the bacteria “Centia”.