The end of the ” European Dream”


I have a suspicion that all measures for corona virus im Europe are a general exercise for an upcoming war. There is no other explanation for the panic for food , for the closure of every store and institution, for the sonore messages in mobiles of citizens in case of emergency, for the interdiction of every gathering, for the invitation to stay at home. If we had a nuclear war , what more would they ask from us? Already many thousands of posts of work had been lost in private sector. Already they dispute in markets for the supplying of food and other domestic things.
The only good thing is that the dream of European Union is over, we have borders again and especially Italy understood that no european state helped in the health sector.
Personally, I laugh with Europeans who had never imagined that this life has an end and that had never felt the suffering of people that are killed by their bombs, by their war operations, by their financial embargo. I really laugh with their panic. They don’t know the sound of the Grad missiles and the shaking of the earth by the bombs, they don’t know the sounds of the sirens , they don’t know the lack of food and of oil, they don’t know the destruction of whole cities, they don’t know the real terror provoked by the so called militants that their leaders support in all war zones…It is time for the Europe to feel the sense of a threat …. But what a shame… to die by a virus…not even by a bullet…to die by a microbe, not even die as Martyr for your beliefs….
Our European Society lost the meaning of life and the meaning of ideas and the meaning of sacrifice and is dying by a microbe…. This is sad… not the death itself but the death in a bed without any fight for anything. Time Zero