Covid 19 resulted from a US experiment in their biochemical laboratory in Afghanistan?

Covid 19 ” escaped” from an American laboratory ? Is it the product of a US biological laboratory experiment? Is it the result of a failed ( or not well-controlled) experiment in the field of biochemical arsenal recently conducted at a US laboratory in Afghanistan?

Some sources claim it.
In fact, they say that this was the reason for US cooperation with the Taliban after 40 years, and the signing of the Doha agreement in February, which stimulates that the US troops will gradually withdrawn.

The first infected were 67 soldiers of US troops serving in Afghanistan. This report was classified by the CIA as high confidential.
These same soldiers were sent to China  in order to participate as members of the US mission in the World Military Games held in the city of Wuhan at the end of October.
Chinese news networks have accused American “athletes” of transmitting the “virus”. The same Chinese sources point out that US military athletes had surprisingly low results in the Games. either because of their weakness because of their contamination and / or their potential use as “athletes” only with the purpose to spread the virus in the context of a biochemical war against China.

Sources added that rhe residences of the American soldiers during their stay in Wuhan, were very close to the Huanan SeaFood Market, where the first outbreak occurred.
Other sources claim that some of these soldiers  died, and that the US government covered up any suspicions of their families through the “Chinese Virus”.

A few days before the sporting parade, the existence of some dangerous chemical was detected by a Chinese scientist working in Chinese laboratories. Chinese experts in collaboration with security services discovered that the source of the concentration of chemical gas was the US military mission. US authorities pressured China not to make any public disclosures. At that moment, the Chinese authorities made the choice of silence as the epidemic and its deadly effects have yet appeared. Its development and the disaster caused would be unexpected …

After China succeeded in plundering the Coronavirus, the People’s Republic through its Foreign Minister, immediately blamed the United States for the creation of this biological weapon. Trump then used the term “Chinese virus”.

Independent sources claim that the spread of a dangerous gas producted by the US as a biochemical weapon has caused this “invisible enemy”,  “asymmetric threat”, spread as an infectious disease through air, soil, surfaces, droplets, human being that carry this virus charge ( with or without symptoms),.. 

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  1. That’s what I reckon. They are now sinking below the depths that they assured us only the “evil Saddam Hussein himself” could sink.


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