Covid19: Why they beat Italy, China and Iran; the collateral losses caused in Russia….


The US has repeatedly urged China to stop growing its economy at these rates of overproduction because it would pass them in two years and the american economy would face a major problem. China was also hit because Russian gas pipelines lead directly to China and to Asian markets production.

Italy was probably struck because has signed with China , four months ago, a contract of  5 billion dollars. This was a dangerous step for US as Italy is considered one of the 10 most industrialized countries and should not bypass America. Italy was also targeted for refusing the US missile systems on its territory,  last year, and the US deployed them to Poland. What they did with Italy was for sending the message that they cannot survive  and that they should bear the American dependence . With the spreading of this virus they threatened the country , its economy and the lives of its population.

The US administration has seized half a million tests for Coronavirus under the supervision of the 31st US Air Force deployed at the Aviano base in northern Italy. The US “satellite” in the region of Middle East,  Erdogan, also banned the export to Italy of 25 million masks of protection by covid19, despite the fact that Italy had a contract with a Turkish production company and had prepaid the command.

On the other hand, but in the same context, a source of information from the West, confirms that the French authorities confiscated huge quantities of medical devices shipped from the Chinese state to Italy, that had been deposited in the french port of Marseilles, without providing valid reasons.

It is believed that the French may have done so, under the coordination or pressure of the Americans and of the European Union who are angry with  the Italians who reached a major strategic deal with the Chinese of a worth of  billions of dollars… ..

At the same time, they sent a strong message to Iran:  that even if they  have failed to form a credible Iranian opposition with their agents and their financial embargo , they  have other ways to make Iran  kneel.

Concerning Syria, even if  they may have not been able to persuade Syrian state to expel their Iranian allies of war, they try to terrify  the Syrians that every Iranian is a potential source of the virus and thus they expect that  a popular demand will be formed asking the return of every Iranian  to its country.

Additionally, the US attempted to cause the global shock of covid19, in order to devastate Russia , in the midst of its economic development by the energy trade. They obliged their Saudi allies to drop the price of oil 4 times and to double its daily production.  Saudi Arabia announced the sharp drop in official sales of all types of oil to all parts of the world by $ 6-8 a barrel. It was the largest decline in Riyadh’s official prices for decades.

This move,  obliges Russia and the other oil-and gas production countries,  to cut their prices proportionally, in order  to be able to sell  and maintain their market . The impact on prices was immediate. America has stocks of non-mining oil and plays safely….