The United States is trying to transfer weapons to militants under the guise of humanitarian aid for the Rukban camp in Syria


The Russian-Syrian Joint Coordination Authority announced today, that United States of America is transferring equipment and weapons to militants in Syria under the guise of humanitarian and medical assistance to the people of Rukban Camp, presented under the title Facing the Corona


There are many militants who operate under the orders of US and who actually live in Rukban camp,  located  near the syrian- Jordanian border, an area under the illegal US occupation forces.

Under the cover of the humanitarian aid in light of the spread of the Coronavirus,  US attempts to pass weapons and military equipment and not diagnostic tests a and other medical items.

The Syrian/ Russian Coordination Center  stated today:

“The American side is rudely trying to take advantage of the situation around the outbreak of the Corona virus and is putting pressure on the United Nations leadership in order to enter materials into the Rukban camp to feed the militants under its control, under the guise of providing means for diagnosing infections.”

The statement pointed out that the “camp administration” intensified an initiative from the American side, a propaganda campaign aimed at attracting the attention of the international community to the “critical situation” in which the residents live and the need to provide urgent humanitarian assistance to prevent a “humanitarian catastrophe” there.

The Syrian forces with the support of Russian military police  have already  opened humanitarian corridors for the displaced people who wish to leave and pass to territories controlled by the Syrian state.

“Russia and the Syrian Arab Republic have been and will continue to make all efforts required to liberate the  displaced persons and evacuate them as quickly as possible from Rubkan camp and conduct them to their homes in territories controlled by the Syrian Arab Republic” ( statement of the Russian Coordination center in Syria)