“Thus, you will be saved by the pandemic” The orders of the Virgin for the elimination of the Covid 19; her miraculous appearance to a nun of Lady Saidnaya”s covent in Syria

On Sunday night, the official fb account of the Greek Orthodox Monastery of Holy Mother Saidnaya located in Damascus countryside in Syria, announced a great miracle and appearance of Virgin Mary, associated with the covid 19 pandemic.

A nun from Egypt called one of the sisters of the Covent of the Lady Saidmaya and told her what had happened to her.Τhe nun from Egypt said:While I was watching the icon of the Virgin Mary , I saw her asking her Son: Jesus Christ, I beg you,lift the epidemic (Coronavirus)out of the world.. But the Lord returned his Face.

The Virgin continued to beg her Son, but He refused to listen to her and said: This world is alienated from Me , thiw world is deprived of mercy,of love and of prayer.

After the end of the call from Egypt,the nun of the Monastery of Saidnaya was verysaddened.She turned her eys to the icon of the Virgin Mary and began to scream:

”Oh Virgin,don’t leave us.Continue praying for all of us,and through your Intercession to Jesus Christ,thiw epidemic to be eliminated and every patient to be healed”.

While she was still crying,she felt that she was transferred inside the Holy Sanctuary of the Lady of Saidnaya which is an uncontaminated holy place.There , she started to was prepare the oil-soaked small cotton from the incandescent candlestick which are offered to the pilgrims of the Holy Monastery.The cottons contained some impurities and the nun started to clean them.

At this moment anothernun enters by the door of the Holy Sanctuary (al Saghura) and says to her.I want you to congratulate me on my victory.”! The first nun,astonished , asked her: “Why, what happened?” The other nun replied:”I triumphed! . I persuaded my Son and my God to dominate his Mercy and remove this epidemic from the world.Tell the whole world to draw on the windows and doors of his houses and on the forehead of everyone , a cross with a holy oil ; thus the epidemic will be supressed.

For the intercession of the Mother of God and for her supplications, oh Lord, have mercy on us and save us …Amen
27 March 2020