Putin is considered as the man who will handle a loaded weapon against the Masons!


In the age of Corona, people feel that an unknown and terrible future awaits them. People in the age of Coronavirus are isolated from their governments, terrified by the media and censored by the popular social media. Several articles, dialogues, positions and simple posts of citizens of the world have been censored on websites and in the media and social networking under the guise of preventing the spread of “false news” about Covid 19!

It seems that international public opinion is posing a threat to the managers of the World Corona Crisis.

This massive censorship or blockade of social media and non-systemic websites has created a popular movement to gather or store deleted information or  public posts. According to these saved data, the public world opinion in the midst of the Covid19 crisis, crystallizes in some common views. These positions and opinions also take the form of a pandemic and spread to millions of people around the world who embrace them together. Incidentally, these positions are:

  1. The Corona crisis and its social, economic and political consequences show that we are in the final stages of a New World Order and that there is a hidden agenda behind the pandemic.
  2. The banks that are stealing the planet have been exposed to the danger of hyperinflation as they have been printing dollars for a number of years to cover energy wars.
  3. The main goal of the Corona crisis is to avoid the devastating inflation of the US dollar, which is recorded only digitally / accounting but does not correspond to the actual US available liquid.
  4. The outbreak of the Corona war and its characterization by the world leaders as World War III is done because the Freemasons who lost the previous World War are back in battle but this time in the form of a virus.
  5. The Corona War seeks the economic destruction of many countries and the full control of the World Oil Market and thus, the destruction of many countries in the Middle East.

6.   It is the realization of the tectonic dream about the Humanity and the World according to the Orwellian model.

  1. The hope for escape from the fate prepared in the world by the New World Order is seen in the person of the Russian President Vladimir Putin.

8 The Russian President is considered as the person who will raise a gun to the Masons with the trigger pulled. He is the leader who will disappoint the architects of globalization who want the whole world to function economically and politically as a single “happy family.”

  1. China and Russia are the superpowers that believe in the political and economic independence of states and protect independent oil producers such as Venezuela and Iran.
  2. The New World Order is a fragile edifice and its banking empire, if it once fell ill for five years, is now being held by morphine injections ….New World Order was desperate and invented the pandemic virus.

Global public opinion is shouting:

“We want to avoid nuclear weapons from all directions, Putin must stop them! ”

” Stop now the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the European Central Bank, the European Union, NATO, …. Our world will never be perfect, but it can certainly be much better!”


One thought on “Putin is considered as the man who will handle a loaded weapon against the Masons!

  1. Then, why are we in Russia locked down just like everyone else?
    I hope you are right, but I doubt it.
    I think that the “New Normal” is permeant. It is the new method of control. Next will come absolute censorship. (Now is just an information gathering phase, to see who needs to be done away with.) I think that the remedy (vaccines, and permeant tracking markers) will be next. What is in the Vaccines? I don’t know. Some could be for extermination, some could be for sterilization, some could be to alter DNA, all will be a tracking and sorting mechanism for human inventory. These are my educated opinions, and I believe them to be probable after having done much research. Most of my resources come from the project managers themselves. Their ‘TED talks” their books and speeches. Should I be then arrested for “spreading disinformation? I will die rather than submit to these evil, disgusting hypocrites. I would be pleased to be imprisoned humiliated, and / or die, rather than join the millions of braying morons attacking those who refuse to pretend to believe that the global oligarchy loves us.


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