The scandalous role of the United Nations team in Damascus!


What is exactly the mission of some employees  of the United Nations , appointed to the Syrian capital and living  in the “Four Seasons Hotel” in central Damascus?

Information from inside the “Four Seasons Hotel” indicate that the international team spends its  nights enjoying the security of the hotel , by organising of   party  with crazy dance, alcohol  and food ( especially “sushi”).

As for their days, they are occupied on how to reduce the prices  of meals , staying,  cleansing clothes, and of  every service provided . Apparently, they make all efforts to gain  extra money from the compensation of their expenses , additionally to their salaries .

None of them get out to the streets, to the ground of the syrian reality in the midst of the corona crisis and of a country suffering by a war also economic which causes very harsh conditions in every day life.

They avoid to exit and contact the residents and neighbourhoods of Damascus and they don’t provide any report about the true needs and problems  of the locale population. This latter, suffers, as all Syrians by the disastrous impact of the unilateral coercive measures imposed by the United States and the European Union on the country.

They justify their presence in Damascus, only by complaining about the “lack” of informations  received, and by sending every day the same report to the New York Secretariat : that in Damascus  “there is no power, there is no administration” ….

Their humanitarian work would be achieved only of this team was  mobilised  in Damascus , in order to monitor the needs   and especially those related to the medication and  heath . In the contrary, they use as argument for their inactivity  the lack of information!

The Ministry of Health announced many times that all  informationa are available and can be very easily monitored. Even by a visit to units of health cares ,  to pharmacies, or to the markets where  the  crazy rise of prices is resulted by the closure of the borders , an anti corona measure which declined the importation of goods.

In times where all countries are supposed  to tackle the beleaguered global virus killer, the envoyes of the United Nations in Damascus, neglect their humanitarian work,  don’t monitor the needs on this current situation and don’t provide any aid or assistance to the  people who are supposed to serve during their stay in Syria.

What is remarkable , is that their colleagues of the United Nations Office in Gaziantep in Turkey entered 67 days ago  in Idlib, and there, the team ,  provides every assistance and aid and monitors every  need and sends reports to New York by asking help for this area!

Finally, are the United Nations missions   neutral? Or is there a distinction between  Syrians under control of the legitimate government and population in Idleb  ? The reports and their related aid by the United Nations are always commended by the political projects and plans of the superpowers?

But anyway, it is a scandal to discover that the presence of the U.N. team in Damascus  aims only to make money and spending happy times in the Syrian capital.  They just pass some happy vacations among the suffering people!