German lawyer closed in a psychiatric clinic because she criticized the constitutionality of the restrictive corona measures!

Heidelberg’s lawyer, Beate Bahner, who has been working for more than 25 years specializing in medical issues, has become known in recent days for appealing to national demonstrations to lift restrictive measures ahead of the pandemic of Coronavarious

As a lawyer, she expressed the view that these measures endanger the rule of law, prohibiting fundamental and human rights and abolishing the free and democratic basic order of the Federal Republic of Germany.

“I am really terrified and I do not want to accuse myself of not acting as a lawyer and of not defending the rule of law with all the means at my disposal!” ,she said in a statement.

When on Saturday, Bahner published a call for protest against the end of  restrictive rules and stated that she would appeal to the Federal Constitutional Court. Her website was then blocked at the request of the Mannheim police in order to “correct the existing public security breach”.

On Sunday, the lawyer was transferred by a police decision to a psychiatric clinic to be examined by a doctor, as a spokesman from the Mannheim Police Headquarters said.

“For reasons of care of the woman, the police colleagues considered it necessary to transfer her to psychiatry. The woman resisted the authorities and used physical violence against the police. ” Apparently, the doctor admitted her to the hospital “as she gave a very confused impression”, the police spokesman explained.

“I am the biggest enemy of the state right now,” she said in a phone call to her  sister which was recorded. “The police is persecuting me and they took me to psychiatry!”

Although ,the police and the Prosecutor pointed out that the measure of his presentation in psychiatry is not related to her activities as a lawyer …..