America aims to impose starvation on Syrian people


America, of course, throws thermal balloons and phosphorous on wheat, almost to all Syrian wheat, additionally to the approach of the Caesar’s law . The discussion in the last Security Council session is related to introducing amendments to resolutions 1559 and 1701, the issue is implicitly related to the nearness of activating Caesar’s law, whose contents are expected to start soon, which is the law associated with imposing more sanctions on Syria and everyone who deals with it economically.

The people will starve, by a real and great famine, and will not find anyone who will deliver a grain of wheat to Syrians, except Iran. As usual, the wheat will be delayed in the Oceans because of the radars who will try to reveal the location of the shipments and of course because the shipment will rotate instead to pass by the Suez Canal ….
A grain of wheat will literally not reach Syria in the coming siege after the burning crops from America .
The Syrian people will completely starve for the next six months, will pass a severe famine, as America wants to explain to the Syrian people who is the “ally”, who is the “enemy”, who is Christ, who is Judah …
Russia,  the world leader exporter of wheat might not provide to Syria a grain.
If this happens, Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq will ignite together against Russia.
Then, after one year of starvation, will follow a year of reconciliation with the United States! This reconciliation will come to the region with the lifting of the economic sanctions…and Syria will “flourish”…

And the Americans who are the last in the whole world who could be entitled to talk about humanity, will give us lessons of ” humanity” and a way for “salvation” …..