Cyprus calls Syria for a common delineation of an EEZ.


As as a response to the agreement that Turkey concluded with the government of Tripoli (GNA), Cyprus seems ready to discuss an agreement with Syria in order to delimit together an Exclusive Economical Zone.
Giorgos Kentas, academical expert on International Relations, associated Professor in the University of Nicosia, made a relative intervention in his tweeter.


He considers that time has come for Cyprus to advance with Syria in the determination of an exclusive economic zones-EEZ. This issue had been already discussed between the two countries during their bilateral communications in 2007, and the same  affair was also discussed with Lebanon.


This development comes one day after the publication of the letter that the permanent ambassador of Syria to the United Nations, dr Bashar al Jaffari had addressed to the General Secretary of UN ( 29/04/20).


In this letter, the Syrian Arab Republic condemns as illegal and violating International Law the memorandum signed between Libya (GNA) and Turkey:

“The above memorandum reflects a blatant attack on the sovereign economic rights of Greece, Cyprus and Egypt”.