The number 1, anti neo- Ottoman, Journalist of Greece, Stephanos Chios, was shot by the Turkish Intelligence Agency (MİT)



They wanted him dead. It was a Turkish Intelligence Service  death contract… MİT hit Stefanos Chios cowardly by paramilitary murderers . MİT tried to shut the mouth of the greek journalist . MIT against the patriotic voice of Stephanos…

Erdogan, yesterday  praised the services of MİT for having succeeded to change the game in Libya… But MIT will not change it in Greece … Greece is not Libya!

The Greek journalist received 2 bullets by contact from a  firearm at critical points. He was saved … miraculously! He came out of the ambush of Athens alive and is currently in intensive care of the state hospital KAT ..

What are the connections and the secret channels of MİT in the Greek capital that they can reach so high? It is the time of the Greek Minister of Interior, Michalis Chrysochoidis, to act and to arrest the terrorists immediately and their boss.


The Greek journalist who since decades denounces the neo-Ottoman expansion was the number 1 target in  these days of Turkish provocations against Greece.  Who   wanted him dead in this timing of Turkish- greek tension?

The intentions of the two perpetrators were not simply to intimidate him but to assassinate him.

According to updated information, two men wearing hoods were waiting outside the journalist’s house in the suburb of Athens, Vrilissia. When Stephanos Chios appeared, one of the two criminals approached him while the victim was still in his car and shot him almost twice from close contact through the driver’s window…


He is seriously injured from the 2 penetrating bullets. One hit him in the neck, scratching through the carotid artery, the other went through the chest a few inches away from the heart. What saved the courageous journalist is the fact that the perpetrator’s weapon blocked before emptying the rest of the bullets on him.

The moment of the assassination attempt of the No. 1 anti-Ottoman journalist in Greece. The victim said that the killer had split eyes “Mongolia” .. Everything shows a MİT involvement:


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