From Paris, some new interesting details about the failed Israeli operation in Syrian desert. German soldiers were participating also with their colleagues from Britain! The British base of Cyprus was used…

More very interesting detaiIs about the failed landing of Israeli forces in the Syrian desert, last Thursday. During the secret operation were not only participating British and American agents as I have reported allready from leaks, but also only Germans!
Sources from the french capital, reveal more details about this mysterious night of last Thursday to Friday, which witnessed a bombing in the syrian desert but in reality it was covering a failed landing operation in Deir Ezzor.
The informations of Paris indicate clearly the failure of a landing operation at one of the sites where Iranians and their allies are stationed in the Deir Ezzor desert. They refer to a joint US-British-German-Israeli military action on the borders between Iraq and Syria.
According to informations several airports have been mobilized for this operation, including Cyprus Airport, where a permanent British military base is stationed in the free greek territory since years as a guarantor state of the Cypriot sovereignty, occupied in a large part by the Turkish invasion of 1974.
The Israeli British and German soldiers were transported by helicopters from the Al-Tanf base. When they were on the ground and a
distance of few kilometers from their target, the attackers were surprised to take the order to stop the operation and to withdraw from the ground.
It seems that the Iranians either had informations or only suspicions after the first raids on Tuesday, and they cleared the target which was specified by the enemies of Syria.
The new leaks about what really happened this night, don’t confirm this time the launch of surface-to-air missiles; in contrary, they confirm a shooting that thwarted the operation, and it that the allied forces were aware of the target and were not there.
According to the sources emanating from French soil, all the raids that took place during the past two weeks were juat an introduction and coverage for the Thursday-Friday operation, which ceased after its discovery by the Syrian and allied iranian forces.
The source says that there are no casualties among the Israelis, and indicates that the German and British forces who were with the Israelis in the same place, had some casualties.