Urgent Humanitarian Appeal for Palestinian Hunger Striker!

Urgent Appeal !

Respond to Humanitarian and Political Call for Support for Palestinian Prisoner and Hunger Striker We ask every citizen of the world who still feels human to mediate through a letter to the Israeli authorities in order to release the Palestinian Hisham Abu Hawash, who went on a desperate hunger strike 131 days ago and whose heart can stop at any moment. According to Israeli Medical Experts’ reports drawn up a few days ago in connection with the detainee’s lawyer seeking his release or transfer to a public political hospital, all his vital organs have been severely damaged, perhaps irreparably. At this critical juncture of life and death for the political prisoner, an urgent appeal is being made for a message to the Israeli Defense Minister for his immediate release or hospitalization to a civil hospital, as the Ramle prison clinic can not support such a serious case.

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Abu Hawash prisoner has been imprisoned within the peculiar legal framework of the so-called administrative detention, which is legally, procedurally and humanitarianly unacceptable! It provides the arrest, detention and imprisonment of citizens without accusations or charge, notification or indictment, without a relevant case file, without a trial, without an apology, in the absence of any rules governing the national and international law of civilized states. The shameful regime of “administrative detention” of the State of Israel enters into force against Palestinian citizens, residents of the territories administered by the Palestinian Authority, citing confidential information of the secret services (in this case Mossad), without any obligation of the part of Israeli authorities for the publication of the cited information accounted as responsible for the administrative detainee and is valid for an indefinite period from one day to life!

Hisham Abu Hawash was arrested by the Israeli occupation forces “IOF”, from his house at around two o’clock in the morning of October 27, 2020, initially as an administrative detainee for a period of 6 months. His administrative detention was subsequently extended and he remains an administrative detainee – against the rules and standards of international law. On August 17, 2021, Hisham went on a hunger strike against his indefinite administrative detention, demanding his release. During his hunger strike on October 27, Israeli occupation forces extended his detention for a third time for another 6 months. In mid-December, Hisham’s lawyer appealed to the Military Board of Appeals against the extension of his detention, with the board repeatedly postponing the audience on the pretext that he had not received the new medical report from the prison authorities. Following the rejection of Hisham’s appeal by the Military Council, his lawyer appealed to the Supreme Court of Israel against the extension of his detention. The Supreme Court was held for the case on Thursday, December 16th. The judges postponed their decision for Sunday, December 19. On Sunday, December 19, Israel’s Supreme Court rejected Hisham’s appeal for release, also rejecting his lawyer’s request to transfer him to a civilian hospital, with the judges stating that “they hope that the penitentiary authorities will transfer Hisham to a hospital”.

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Hisham remains unharmed to this day, with a ban on visits by relatives, a victim of Israeli security services. Hisham is seriously ill, his health is deteriorating and his heart can stop at any time. Hisham is married, father of five children, including the 6-year-old Ezeddine who suffers from kidney failure and needs ongoing medical care, the IOF refused to give him permission to seek treatment in Jerusalem. Hisham’s family and the Hebron Defense Committee call all those who are concerned with justice and humanitarian rights around the world to send a letter to the Israeli Defense Minister. (bgantz@knesset.gov.il) calling for the immediate release of Hisham Abu Hawash. Here is a sample compiled by the lawyer of the imprisoned hunger striker “Mr Benny Gantz, Israeli Minister of Defense, I am writing to you about the Palestinian administrative prisoner Hisham Abu Hawash who has been on hunger strike since August 17, 2021 (131 days before December 25, 2021). He has been detained by the Israeli authorities since October 27, 2020 without a specific release date. Hisham, who is being held in Ramleh Prison and is in critical condition, prison authorities refuse to take him to hospital. Administrative detention is considered arbitrary detention by all human rights organizations and violates the standards of international human rights law. Your contribution to this issue is very important and can save a life “

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Palestinian Prisoner Authority Urgent: The Lawyer Jawad Boulos confirmed that Israeli occupation issued a decision to freeze the administrative detention order against the prisoner Hisham Abu Hawash, who has been on hunger strike for 132 days, stressing that he has been languishing in the Israeli “Asaf Haruqieh” hospital