Give Nasser to his Palestinian Mother!

Nasser Abu Hamid (49 years old), is a popular hero of the Palestinian Struggle, in a coma since 12 days in an Israeli hospital with a ban on visiting for his relatives!

His state of health is very critical, he is immunosuppressed, does not respond to treatment and is still breathing with mechanical support at the Israeli hospital in Barzilai.

The Palestinian Authority’s Committee on Prisoners of Justice submitted a report to the Israeli Judicial Council last Thursday, but also ten days ago, urging the prison administration to provide information on the latest developments in his health. The Palestinian Authority is asking the Israeli regime to allow the family of the cancerous detainee to visit him in the hospital. So far, there has been no response to the two reports / requests.
Any relevant information that has emerged was from the statements of his inmates to lawyers and their relatives!
According to a statement from his family and comrades, Nasser had been suffering from severe chest pains and difficulty breathing since the beginning of last year. The prison doctor did the diagnosis without laboratory tests, confirming that his condition was a mild respiratory infection that would be treated with antibiotics.
After persistent pressure by his inmates against the prison administration, Nasser was transferred to the Ramla Prison Clinic for a radiological examination (and not to a civil hospital) where radiologists diagnosed a mass in his left lung. However, the medical staff of the Ramla prison clinic continued to give him large amounts of antibiotics!
After further deterioration of his health and the insistence of his friends co-captives, Nasser was transferred to the Israeli military hospital Barzilai. There, he underwent more accurate examinations and X-rays which diagnosed a tumor in the lung. It was decided to remove it and perform a biopsy on it. The treatment included chemotherapy sessions that started about a month after the operation.
After receiving the first dose of chemotherapy, Nasser felt severe lung charge and excruciating pain and was taken back to the hospital where he was treated again during three days. According to Barzilai Hospital medical staff, his lung was emptied from the concentration of air.

And as even in the cruelty and tyranny of the Israeli Occupation, there will be always people who will remain human, informations were spread quickly about a medical error and/ or medical negligence! They leaked the information that during the operation of the removal of the tumor in the left lung, the tube that was inserted had a size, three times larger than what Nasser’s lung needed. The operation was followed not only by the intense postoperative pain but also by the accumulation of air due to the unsuitability of this tube . Afterwards a germ, easily penetrated into the lung through the hole, which is justified as an in-hospital infection. This is clearly a medical error due to the fact that the specialist doctor for such operations was busy and the doctor who finally undertook the operation was a trainee in specialisation.
Three days ago, the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, received the mother of the heroic prisoner Nasser, Mms. Hatifa Abu Hamid, at the Presidential Palace in Ramallah.

Mahmoud Abbas assured her that he was in extensive contact with all interested parties in order to work together for the release of the heroic prisoner suffering from end-stage cancer due to medical negligence.

The President stressed that the issue of detainees is a priority of the leadership, which will not neglect the rights of detainees, independently of the pressures .

For her part, the mother of the prisoner Nasser , praised the President’s efforts and his great interest in the case of the release of her son Nasser and for his care about the necessary medical assistance to him and the other detainees.

Every day, in all Palestinian Authority-controlled territories, there are overnight sit-in protests and daily marches for the release of Nasser, who is considered a national hero of the land of Palestine, a legend known as “The Unmasked Lion”.

But who is this Unmasked Lion?

The answer comes from the youth if his country:
“Being Palestinian, being born in a refugee camp, being raised in a militant family, having brothers who look like the land in which they grew up , is a special kind of culture ; it is a special civilisation what will determine your characteristics and your way of life… ”

“Your life will always move in the same parallel with the olive tree of our earth, with the stitch in the embroidery of our dresses and with the night lullabies and fairy tales of our grandmothers”.

His real name is Nasser Muhammad Youssef Abu Hamid, he was born in 1972, in a refugee camp, his family came from the village of Al-Sawafir in northern Gaza. Himself belonged to Yasser Arafat’s Fatah movement and was one of its leaders in the first intifada, a popular hero whose name was chanted by the masses during the anti-occupation protests.

Nasser was first arrested in 1985, when he had only thirteen years old, and then in 1990 after being wounded by the Israeli occupation army.

The same forces tried to kill him at least two more times, but failed.

He was arrested again at the age during the first Intifada and he was released in 1994, 22 years old, after the signing of the Cairo Agreement.
Nasser’s struggle was “natural” and not “causal.” For him, the Palestinian struggle was not only political, but primarily the struggle as a natural consequence of preserving the national identity, the patriotic land and the tradition. So, after his release , he continued to be active and to participate in the organizational institutions of Fatah.
During the Second Intifada he rises to one of the leaders of the Al Aqsa Brigades of the West Bank (Al Aqsa Intifada).

On April 22, 2002, he was arrested along with his brother in the Qalandia camp, following an attack by the Israeli occupation army. Nasser was seriously injured and was captured. He was brutally interrogated while he was seriously injured. He was subjected to all the harsh and illegal means of “investigation” and was sentenced to seven life sentences and thirty years.

Inside the prisons, he became the leader of the movement of Palestinian prisoners, representing all detainees before the penitentiary administrations of the Israeli Occupation.
Nasser was the one who sent the moving message on behalf of all the prisoners during the mass hunger strike of 2017, after the first 34 days :

“We are still knocking on the doors of our cells, from Sata Prison to Ashkelon Prison, from Nafa to Negev and Jalameh, from Ayalon and Megiddo to Hadarim, Sheba and Nitzan….”
“We are nothing else than an army of brave and good people shouting loudly and happily in the stubbornness of the guards, in the stubbornness of the brutality and criminality of the Israeli Occupation.”
“..34 days and we still breathe freely and with pride

We are walking towards death we smile

We are sitting on a black blanket, the only left to us except a glass of water and a pinch of salt….

“And we are still singing about the Homeland

and for the Spring of the Upcoming Victory …

As for our bodies, please don’t ask us!

They betrayed us since many days…

They are collapsed since many days…

Although, we will continue until victory or martyrdom

after all, we promised it

to the souls of the martyrs!

This battle will be a candle to the victory

A candle that we will light with our soul and body, as we walk towards Freedom and Independence…. “

Nasser Hamid is the brother of the Martyr Abdel, Nasr’s brother, who has been sentenced to five life sentences…. brother of Sherif, sentenced to four life sentences, brother of Muhammed, sentenced to thirty years, and brother of Islam, who is serving an eight-year prison sentence.

The Israeli occupation demolished his familial residence five times and the same forces for many years prevented his mother from visiting him in prison.
This mother, as soon as she heard the news about the deterioration of the health of her son Nasser, she rushed to the emergency room for first aid and short-term treatment.

The same tragic mother said from the hospital that she refuses to eat until her son is released. President Mahmoud Abbas personally intervened and invited her to the Presidential Palace, promising to continue negotiations so that Nasser could be transported to a hospital outside the occupied territories, either in the Palestinian Authority, Egypt, Jordan or any other country.
The mother of Nasser is a symbol of patience of the Palestinian people and the Resistance, mother of 5 sons in prison and one son on the cemetery!