The war criminal Obama is persona non grata for every Greek patriot


Obama the war criminal of Syria is a persona non grata for each greek patriot. The ruler of the universe has chosen Greece as one of his last three destinations to visit as US president in mid November (the two others will be Germany where he once began and Peru.

Barack Obama woke up the Islamist radicalism in Egypt throughout the Maghreb to the Middle East, Iraq and Syria to the forefront and the destruction of Yemen the bosom of the beheaders wahabits of Saudi Arabia and Qatar that will be also his final destinations from 14 to 21 November.

He will put his boot of occupation in Greece around 15 November in order to show his “recognition for the great generosity of the Greek government and the Greek people, for refugees and migrants,” said the statement from the White House Tuesday. He will come to inspect the refugee waves created by his policies in the Middle East .

On the other hand, he will enjoy amerikanized landscape of the final end of the concept of state/nation of one more country…this time Greece . He wiłl enjoy as well the cultural confusion that he created to trigger new ethnic-religious pockets that will be activated under the USA orders as death terrorist bases in the policy of “dividing and ruling”… Aiming the logic of destabilization, the destruction of Christian rooted states in Balkans . The “yugoslavization” of Greece as an alloy of ethnicities, races, religions that historically and traditionally were rivals to Hellenism , the end of the internal security, the strengthening of Islamist potentially terrorist pouch in Greece and the Islamist turkish arc in the bloodshed grounds of Balkans in order to provoke a new Kosovo. Looking forward to tonify the Turkish expansionism that is conquering now the Northern Syria and invaded Iraq ….and also flattens Kurdistan and holds North Cyprus .

These well known american policies are already so dangerous that Erdogan takes benefits from “the armies boatloads of peaceful settlers”- majority islamists that himself sent to Greek territory in order to forcibly the demographic ties in this highly sensitive area of the burning Mediterranean, he stated: Thessaloniki is mine, islands and Thrace belong to me.