A video is now circulating through the media of the Islamic State (Amaq), representing two Russian soldiers allegedly captured by the terrorist organization. According to some, the footage is taken in the Syrian city of Choula. Informations report, that one of two Russian soldiers has succumbed to his injuries.
At 28/09/17 , Moscow had denied any report concerning the capture of Russian soldiers.

 »One of them spoke in Russian, saying his name was Zapalotny Roman, and he was arrested along with his friend, Tsurkanov Gregory, following a counter-offensive conducted by ISIS terrorists in the town of Shula in Deir ez-Zoor western countryside. »

The two captives of Daesh are the Russian citizens Roman Zapalotmy and Gregory Tsurnakov, born respectively in 1978 and 1979. They dont belong to the russian regular army, but they are volunteers probably fighting with syrian armed forces. Roman Z, belonged to a paramilitary formation of Kozaaks while Gregory T. had participated in the war of Yugoslavia. Obviously the statement made on camera by Roman Z. was the result of the violence of the terrorists, since they showed strong signs of torture, while Gregory T. remained silent and his biographical details are given by his comrade. All informations from video.